Space with a purpose

The Elizabeth Street Complex is a non-profit group committed to helping create jobs in the city of Shawano.

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Our Current Tenants

Our tenants represent some of the best organizations in the Shawano area focused on creating jobs.

Elizabeth Street Complex Goals

We strive to do more than just provide rental space in the community. With each decision we make our goals are our top priority.

Fair Rent

We create efficiencies in our operation and pass those savings to our tenants.  Helping our tenants keep their building, maintenance and utility expense low helps them accomplish their goals.

Pay Full Taxes

Rather than removing this large complex off the tax rolls we have always paid our fair share to ensure the city of Shawano, Shawano County and our local schools continue to thrive.

Safety and Security

We strive to provide a safe and secure environment for our tenants and their customers.

Wheelchair Accessible

It is important that all Shawano citizens have access to our buildings.


We offer a neighborhood atmosphere with a green campus and adjacent walking trail.

Wi-fi Access

In our public areas we have setup wifi to keep our visitors connected.

Our History

For many decades our facility housed the Phenix Garage Door company. After the company was sold in the mid-90’s the facility sat relatively vacant. Our group acquired the property with the plan to house local public institutions under one roof at a highly affordable rent allowing those organizations to use more of their money to help their clients. Since our initial purchase we have consistently updated our facilities to ensure they keep up with modern standards. Efficient heating and daylighting have been implemented. Through good and bad economic times we have insulated our clients through fair and steady rent. Since our facility is located in a beautiful Shawano residential neighborhood we have also striven to be good neighbors by adding beauty to what was once one of the nations largest Garage Door Manufacturing facilities.

Space Options

We have a wide range of categories for your commercial space needs

Board of Directors

Our board works diligently to make sure we are meeting our tenants needs while fulfilling our mission to help create jobs in the City of Shawano and surrounding areas.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us any time

Space with a Purpose

The Elizabeth Street Complex is a non profit group committed to helping create jobs in the city of Shawano.